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Glenn Hansen - President

CODFA IEA/NEA Means Service to Members


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Working Knowledge

"Within the broad scope of art history, I study the art and architecture of the ancient Maya, but am interested in all things people make at all times."

Service to CODFA (College of DuPage Faculty Association) IEA/NEA (Illinois Education Association/National Education Association) members increases our ability to serve our students and our community. The principles through which we seek to meet our goals are: Dialogue. Deliberation. Diversity. Democracy. Participation. Professionalism. Community. Read the bylaws to find out more.

Working Knowledge

Why do students come to COD? A first-rate education delivered by first-rate faculty! Come and meet us, look into our classrooms and labs, step into our offices, and get to know us through sharing a little "Working Knowledge".

Site Security

This site, including the discussion board within, is hosted by a third party that is off-campus. While access to the general site is open to the community, the area of the discussion board is limited to College of DuPage fulltime faculty and access requires registration.

If you are a fulltime faculty member and would like assistance in joining the discussion board, please contact the CODFA WebMaster.

The CODFA WebMaster is the only COD employee who has complete access to the entire site, is able to modify access levels and permissions, and has access to a listing of all discussion board members.